Founder & Incharge of Central Perish

Bishop Sadiq Gill was born in Christian family in Punjab, province of Pakistan in the year 1938, and he & his family migrated to Karachi in the year 1965, and he was born again by water and holy spirit in the year 1975. Read More

Pastor's Corner

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Incharge of South Parish

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we know it today comes to us across a lengthy history of service in two lands, the British Isles and North America.  Read More

International Coordinator

Rev. Denis Gill

Rev. Denis Gill was born in the year 1974, in Karachi, Pakistan, that by the grace of almighty God he was born in Christian & spiritual family, because his father is also a Pastor since last 35 years and his mother was a prayer lady, due to which from the day of his birth his parents taught him about Christian faith, facts and acts, and due to the son of a Pastor he passed his most of the
time in the fellowship of Spiritual & believers.

That Lord opened his spiritual eyes and he was born again & accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour on:28th January 1990 and baptized on the same day in Bethlehem Church.

He completed his education in the year 1996, and then he got admission in Institute of Professional Education for Diploma in Computer Science & after completion of 1st Semester he transferred his course into Diploma in Information Technology, which he completed successfully in the year 2001.

That in the year 1997 Church Committee gave him the responsibility of Sunday School Teacher. And in July 2000 he got admission in RCC Bible College (Reformed Crucified in Christ Bible College) for Bible Study and spiritual growth, which he passed successfully on:30th June 2002 by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ.

That after seen his spiritual life & religious knowledge on:24th November 2002, Church Bishop and many senior pastors Nominated and Ordained him as a “PASTOR / CHURCH PRIEST” in “BETHLEHEM CHURCH” for head office & branches. and he started leading almost 250 families.

That time to time Lord used him for his Glory and for his high name, & many times he has been invited in Seminars & Conventions from Different Churches, Youths, Organizations for preaching the word of God, and in the year of 2004 he went with his fellows for evangelical trip to Quetta, Pakistan, it was his first and very successful evangelical trip, and God did through him many miracles and God gives him a chance in the year 2005 he went with his team for second evangelical trip to Sri Lanka & Singapore. And in the year 2006 he has been in Spain to attend Social Meeting on behalf of our Church, & he has also visited Holland, France, Malaysia & Thailand.

That in May 2006 God gave him a unique spiritual vision & burden to start a “SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM” in which he & his other senior Pastor teach & preach that how to Evangelism among believers and specially among non-believers, because in Karachi, Pakistan, there were no any Church, Seminary, School & College were giving teaching on the above mentioned subjects.

• That God lead him to extend the body of Christ & to establish a new branch of Bethlehem Church Ministry in Barcelona, Spain, so he arrived there in Barcelona in the year 2008 and now by the grace of Lord he established a new branch with about 40 families in Barcelona, Spain.

That by the grace of Lord, Rev. Denis Gill can speak, Spanish, English, Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi Languages.

That he has his own way to serve Lord, he has a burning spirit which wants to touch stars, & God has given him creative mind, due to which he always wants to do something different for spreading the words of God. And when he shares & preach the words of God people forget to take breath. And he has wisdom to gather all the leaders, members & staff together.