Founder & Incharge of Central Perish

Bishop Sadiq Gill was born in Christian family in Punjab, province of Pakistan in the year 1938, and he & his family migrated to Karachi in the year 1965, and he was born again by water and holy spirit in the year 1975. Read More

Pastor's Corner

Meet our Church Pastors ...  Read More

Incharge of South Parish

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we know it today comes to us across a lengthy history of service in two lands, the British Isles and North America.  Read More


Bethlehem Church Ministry / Trust ®

    Our Church Ministry / Trust is an independent Ministry, we fully depends on God for its needs.

    Being believers we are the parts of the same body in this distant part of the world.  With your fellowship, prayer & financial help, we are seeing lives changed, families restored and communities beginning to transform.
    Together with our partners, we are fulfilling the Great Commission. And if God has given you burden to help the CHRISTIAN people in Pakistan, then do join us and contact us because we are providing and planning to work on the following issues of our poor community.

  • Medical
  • Education
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Jobs
  • Food, Clothes, Mineral Water
  • Pastors Financial Help
  • Evangelist Financial Help
  • Missionary Financial Help etc.,
  • We reap where we do not sow. If the Lord speaks & encourage you to help this Ministry/Trust then please contact us.We only have one life to live and to make a difference.

    And we most well come to you and your ministry on behalf of our Ministry/Trust to visit us any time you like, to see our services for Christ and the people of Christ.