Founder & Incharge of Central Perish

Bishop Sadiq Gill was born in Christian family in Punjab, province of Pakistan in the year 1938, and he & his family migrated to Karachi in the year 1965, and he was born again by water and holy spirit in the year 1975. Read More

Pastor's Corner

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Incharge of South Parish

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we know it today comes to us across a lengthy history of service in two lands, the British Isles and North America.  Read More

About Bethlehem Trust

Spiritual & Social Burden, Vision & Ambition of Bethlehem Church Ministry / Trust ®

Spiritual Burden:

  • We want people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we know you do too.
  • We want to see people saved, healed, delivered and set free in Jesus holy name.
  • The fastest and most direct way for this to happen, is for ALL the church to serve God.
  • This website is meant to wake up Christians. People are dieing for what we ALL have--the Gospel of Jesus Christ--the free gift of salvation, healing, deliverance and RELEASE.
  • We are here to simply encourage EVERY Christian to actively and directly serve God and minister in His purposes.
  • We simply ask you to study the word of God in 3 areas,

  • 1. Ministry,
  • 2. Authority,
  • 3. The Operation of the church from the Bible.

  • We need to study the history of Christianity and find the truth about where the "church" and "ministry" and "authority" have been re-defined for us.
  • There is a glorious church described in the Bible.
  • There is a system of operation and function in the pages of scriptures, which moves in the miraculous and at the same time makes absolute perfect common sense! There is a glorious church in the Bible, and there is a glorious church in ALL OF US--TODAY.

We pray that glory will be revealed to you & you my shine like David Star around the world.

Social Burden:

As every one know that Pakistan is the Muslim country where more then 95% Muslims are living as a majority, and Christians are only 3% in minority due to which they have a lot of problems such as Education, Jobs, Food and other needs, due to less financial resources. That is why Bethlehem Trust decided to help the needy people, to support them spiritual and socially.

  • Education
  • Computer Centre
  • Food & Other Needs
  • Help for Widows