Founder & Incharge of Central Perish

Bishop Sadiq Gill was born in Christian family in Punjab, province of Pakistan in the year 1938, and he & his family migrated to Karachi in the year 1965, and he was born again by water and holy spirit in the year 1975. Read More

Pastor's Corner

Meet our Church Pastors ...  Read More

Incharge of South Parish

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we know it today comes to us across a lengthy history of service in two lands, the British Isles and North America.  Read More

Welcome to Bethlehem Church Ministry / Trust

You’re warmly welcomed to our Ministry.
We will love to see you there with open arms.
We hope that you have felt God’s love and feel his presence near.
For you are so special to the Lord and special to us too.
For your life has significance and there's purpose in what you do.
If you have needs, and want someone.

To listen and to pray we’re here for you with open hearts.